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CEREC Ceramic Reconstruction

  • The defective filling and decay is removed
  • A reflective powder layer prepares the tooth for imaging.
  • An optical 3D image is acquired with a small camera placed directly in your mouth.
  • The restoration is created on the screen using the image data.
CEREC Ceramic Crown Machine
  • This is normally accomplished during a single appointment using Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM)
  • Diamond coated instruments mill a ceramic block to reproduce the design.
  • After polishing, the new restoration fits precisely.
  • A special light hardens the bonding material, uniting the ceramic and tooth.
Teeth with fillings
  • Polishing or glazing ensures a pleasantly smooth and natural feel.
  • The colour and appearance make the special ceramic material blend with your tooth.
  • Accurately bonded ceramic ensures an extremely long life for your teeth’s maximum strength and overall look.
Teeth with fillings before & after


  • Protects and preserves your own tooth’s structural integrity
  • Ceramics are bio-compatible
  • Usually only one appointment required
  • Great look
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Outstanding quality
  • Long lasting and durable
  • A cost-effective restoration

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